Am 28.04.2023 hat Hr. Dr. Mario Müller vom nuklearen Startup Emerald Horizon einen Vortrag zum Reaktorkonzept der Firma gegeben.


Am 04.11.2022 fand im Neubau des Atominstituts die Jahreshauptversammlung 2022 der ÖKTG statt.
Zur Einstimmung wurden zwei Kurzvorträge über kürzlich abgeschlossene Bachelorarbeiten gehalten:

  • Iris Hatzinger – „The environmental impact of different energy sources regarding carbon neutrality“
  • Daniel Hackl – Entwicklung Sicherheitskonzepte in Druckwasserreaktoren

Der angeregten Diskussion folgte die Abhaltung der Versammlung.


Webinar: The Future of Nuclear – Small Modular Reactors

Date: 23 May 2018

Speaker: Anthonie Cilliers

Topic: The Future of Nuclear – Small Modular Reactors

With world changing energy demands and the threat of climate change, nuclear power has the potential to overcome these increasing challenges.
However, to be successful, nuclear power generation needs to better adapt to the future end-use demands of the electrical grid.
This webinar examines the benefits, design requirements, and current developments in SMRs, and discusses how SMRs are able to meet future energy and environmental demands.
Small, safe, affordable and flexible SMR power plants are paving the way to an energy abundant future.

Links to the webinar video and audio are below:

Video Link:


Audio Link:



Cilliers_SMR Webinar

Webinar: Nuclear Power in Russia: History, Current Status, and Trends Description

Date: 24 April 2018

Speaker: Vladimir Artisiuk

Topic: Nuclear Power in Russia: History, Current Status, and Trends Description

With more than 70 years of experience Russia has nuclear technology covering all aspects of the industry including the full nuclear fuel cycle and advanced technologies (SMR, III+, Gen-IV and other).

The lecture covers the history of nuclear technology development in Russia since the First-in-Eurasia reactor (1946, Moscow) until the achievements of the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” in the present days.

The special emphasis is done on the specifics of Russian nuclear power technologies (VVER, fast reactors, small modular nuclear power reactors).

Links to the webinar video and audio are below:






Prof. Artisiuk – Brief History 24.04.2018