Austrian Nuclear Society – ÖKTG

The aims of the ÖKTG are to promote and to contribute to the advancement of science and engineering in the field of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy by all suitable means and in particular by:

  • the education of the public about scientific and technological aspects of nuclear technologies
  • adressing scientific and technical topics
  • fostering relations to similar organisations abroad and in Austria
  • consultations for legislative and executive forces
  • fostering the nuclear education

„What a sad era when it is easier to smash an atom than a prejudice.“

(Albert Einstein)

Composition of Board 2021/2023

from left to right: Mario Villa, Renate Winkler, Otmar Promper, Aliki van Heek, Eileen Langegger, Oliver Siegl


Eileen Langegger


Mario Villa


Renate Winkler


Aliki van Heek


Otmar Promper


Oliver Siegl


Michael Brunmayr, Rupert Langegger

Honorary Members

Univ.Prof. Dr. Karl Buchtela

Univ.Prof. Dr. Carl M. Fleck

Direktor Dipl.Ing.Dr. Peter Günther

Dipl.Ing.Dr. G.Hillebrand

Dipl.Ing. Johann Pisecker

Dr. Michael Schneeberger

Doz. Dr. Helmuth Böck

(status November 2022)